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Posting this for Ale, but anyone who wants to use is more than welcome. To install just copy and paste the whole string into the New > Import option on the weak auras addon.

The main weakauras is someone's i found awhile ago and its actually has all 3 specs built into it, I did change a few things to work better for me. This import is gonna make your screen freeze for a few seconds because of how large it is.

The second is my 4 piece bonus, just so I know when to use it. I also making a /stopcasting /cast Pyroblast! macros that you can spam that way you can get the maximum amount of Pyros off while its procced.

This next one is to show you what CDs you have availiable and the one after that will show you the duration of the CDs when in use. Youll have to go into the group and change the Trinkets to what ever you are using as well as the weapon enchant.

This last one is just for Prismatic Crystal, itll show up when off CD and available and gray our with a timer for when its on CD.
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