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Phase 1 (100% - 85%)

• Arcane Wrath – Kind of like Wrack? Debuff goes on player. Once it expires, deals damage, and jumps to nearest person. Each time jumping distance and damage dealt lowers. 6 jumps?
• Destructive Resonance – Places a land mine on the ground. DON’T STEP ON IT. Deals massive AoE damage, extra to idiot who hit it, and increases Arcane damage taken.
• Arcane Aberration – Adds. Deals raid wide AoE damage. KILL ASAP.
• Mark of Chaos – Tank debuff. Last 8 seconds. Explodes for damage 35 yards around him.
• Force Nova – Works like Protectors from ToES Lightning Storm? Aoe damage dealing HUGE amounts if standing in it.
• Accelerated Assault – 8% speed increase with hits made against same target. Tanks swaps.

Phase 2 (85% - 55%)

• Adds Displacement effect to all Phase 1 abilities
• Arcane Wrath – Cant move out of 10 yard radius. Will be ported back if you do.
• Destructive Resonance – Grows. Still just don’t hit it
• Arcane Aberration – When it dies, it knocks people away
• Mark of Chaos – Tank will be teleported to random place. Just move away from them.
• Force Nova – Pushes players away is it grows.

Intermission 1

• 1 minute phase. Summons Gorian Warmage and Volatile Anomaly
• Gorian Warmage
o 2 spawn
o Dominance Aura – Buffs allies damage and haste. DO NOT STACK ON BOSS OR OTHER ADDS!

o Nether Blast – Blasts player for Arcane damage, also hitting people within 5 yards
o Slow – Slows players movement and casting/melee speed by 50%. DISPELL THIS HEALERS.
o Fixate – Fixates and Nether Blasts. Move away from raid. Lasts 15 seconds
• Volatile Anomalies
o Spawn every 12 seconds
o EXACT SAME KO’RAGH Explodes on death

Phase 3 (55% - 25%)

• Fortification effect
• Arcane Wrath – Double amount of jumps
• Destructive Resonance – New mines last 2 minutes, not 1
• Arcane Aberration – 75% more health. Cant bb CC’ed
• Mark of Chaos – Roots player in place
• Force of Nova – 3 Novas. 1 every 8 seconds

Intermission 2

• Same is first intermission. With new add Gorian Reaver
• Gorian Reaver
o Devastating Shockwave – HUGE AoE damage to all players in front for 20 yards.
o Crush Armor – 15% damage taken increase to player. Stacks.
o Kick to the Face – Kicks player in the face. Clears threat and knock back. BIG HIT

Phase 4 (25% - 0%)

• Arcane Wrath – Additional Arcane Wrath. Now 2 players will be Branded.
• Destructive Resonance – When 1 expires, 2 more spawn.
• Arcane Aberration – when 1 dies, splits in 7 Arcane Remnants
• Mark of Chaos – Upon explosion, shoots out 8 orbs dealing damage to anyone hit by it.
• Force Nova – Anyone who takes damage also deals damage to anyone within 4 yards of them
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Would it be smart to do what the guild in mythic are doing and tank him in the center of the room with the rest of the raid stacked and making circles around the middle ring.

It looks like a strat that would make Normal seem like childs play.

Boss in middle, raid outside of ring. Mine drops whole raid that is stacked ontop of each other move to one side and repeat.

When branded everyone stands still, the person who gets 4 moves to the outside of his ring and someone who is gonna soak the brand takes it then moves away, could also just move them both away.
#10435493 Dec 20, 2014 at 07:12 PM
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That was the strat we used in the late group last week and it worked a lot better
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